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​Stump Stools


​This family of stools emerged from a collaboration with a textile recycling plant, in an effort to find new uses for traditional technologies.

After sourcing a variety of materials my focus turned to discarded carpet yarns, and I began experimenting.

Combining these traditional technologies and materials resulted in new natural forms and textures that build up the Non-Woven collection.

Made from one role of material, the textile is coiled and folded into the final shape.

The layers of textile circle and grow, revealing the tree-ring like
texture, as visible in tree stumps.
These material qualities are left exposed, inviting to see, touch & sit.

The stools were awarded with the ATIR Award and Green GOOD DESIGN award for 2011.

Material: Recycled PE Yarn

Stool Dim.: D: 65cm, H: 20/30cm

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