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Snow White


The 'Snow White' Collection was developed in collaboration with Elad Pomerantz, and first displayed at the 'Siam' Gallery.

This project was inspired by frosty winter scenes and the tranquil snowy formations that naturally accumulate on top of anything left outdoors.
Soft PU foam was selected to replace the snow, and experimentation begun to test this materials' qualities.

An open cast allowed the liquid foam to expand freely, mimicking the snow accumulation on top of a solid birch designed for this project.
The result is 'planned-unplanned' hybrid, making each piece unique.

Material: Birch, PU foam

Chair Dim.: L: 50cm, W: 45cm, H: 80cm

Stool Dim.: L: 40cm, W: 30cm, H: 40cm​​

Milking Stool Dim.: D: 30cm, H: 30cm​

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