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Rock Skin Collection


​'Rock Skin' is the name chosen to describe the Concrete-Textile I developed in the making of this project.

Concrete has taken a major role in modern architecture and design, first introduced as a constructional material then selected for its visual qualities.

Unlike traditional cast concrete production, I looked to reduce the mass of the material as much as I can, allowing me to work with the material in a softer more textile manner.

My efforts went into refining a production process that will result in a concrete textile that offers new material properties and visual attributes to form a new collection.
The design of the 'Light Rocks' translates natural rock formations into geometric shapes that reveal the new possibilities of this material. When turned off, the rock seems full and heavy but when lit, its light and airy secrets come to light.

Material: Rock Skin, Powder-Coated Metal Frame

Low Light Dim.: W: 45cm, L: 40cm, H: 60cm

Tall Light Dim.: W:55cm, L: 45, H: 480cm

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